Learn to sign...
Learn to sign in ASL

Let’s start a conversation

Now, next time your driver is Deaf or Hard of Hearing you can sign hello.

Learn to sign my name

We’re teaching riders how to sign their name in American Sign Language

Want to sign hello to your Deaf driver? Learn your name and a couple key phrases in ASL to get started.

Features for Deaf or Hard of Hearing driver partners

Unemployment or underemployment in the Deaf or Hard of Hearing community is close to 70%. At Uber, we’re proud to provide earning opportunities to Deaf and Hard of Hearing drivers across the world and in more than 200 US cities. That’s why in 2015 we built a suite of features including flashing trip request notifications, text-only communication, and notifications so riders knew they were being matched with a Deaf or Hard of Hearing driver.

Today, we’re excited to introduce a tool that helps teach riders simple phrases in American Sign Language, including how to sign their name, hello, thank you, and goodbye. We hope this tool will help start a conversation between our riders and our Deaf and Hard of Hearing partners.